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[How to] Root Micromax Ninja A89 with Clockworkmod (CWM) Recovery 6

For rooting your any Android device, firstly you need to install Clockworkmod on your Android device. Clockworkmod simply CWM is one of the famous custom recovery mode for android phones and tablets. This Clockworkmod recovery helps to perform a lots of activities like recovery, installation new custom ROMs, take Nandroid backup and restoration, etc. Almost all device, the installation process of Clockworkmod is same. The installation process is small and simple. Once you install Clockworkmod, no need to update it. It automatically update when you are installing the new custom ROMs. One simple method to install Clockworkmod on your Android device is download ROM manager from Android market, now known as Google play store and install it and go through it. But in some cases it will not work. So we need to do it manually. This process is called flash Clockworkmod on your device. This method is different for different devices.

There are several operations can perform in recovery menu. First option is to reboot your device. On selecting this option your device is restart and manually boot to the current OS. Next option is Install zip from sd card. It is required when we are try to install new custom ROMs on your android device. Next two options are wipe data and factory reset and wipe cache partition. These both options are help to restore your default settings and operating system. After performing these operations, the apps which you are installed on your device will lost and remain the apps which are default. The next option is backup and restore. It is required to take the back up of your personal data. The Nandroid backup is helps to take a back up of your current operating system. You can restore the previous operating system, if you can not like the new one. This is the main advantage on Clockworkmod recovery option.

In some cases you must need to root your device before you are trying to flash your Android device to new Android firmwares like Jelly Bean .The installing of Clockworkmod(CWM) is one method of rooting. The installing method of Clockworkmod in different brands are different. That is installing CWM in Samsung is different with installing CWM in Sony Xperia  which is differ from Micromax.

The Micromax Ninja A89 can update now to the Clockworkmod Recovery 6 by manual process. This phone is available in most of countries such as India. You can install Clockworkmod recovery 6 on your Micromax Ninja A89 by following the instructions given below and can be upgraded to ICS and Jelly Bean. Please note that, do not skip any step.

Disclaimer: This may or may not work for you .Since this is a custom  ROM installation, you will lose the warranty of your device  after rooting your device . If there is any failure while you are rooting  your device , the techfocusmob will not responsible for it . So do it under your own responsibility .


  • Make sure that the phone is charged atleast 80%. It is needed to complete the rooting process without any power interruption.

  • Install USB driver of Micromax on your PC. It required for communicate your phone and your computer. If you are not installed yet, download from here. and install it on your PC.

  • There is a chance to lose your personal data such as contacts, messages, call logs after flashing your device. So you could better to take a back up of your personal data.

How to install CWM 6?


  1. Download the required Clockworkmod (CWM) Recovery 6 from here. 

  2. Download the SP flash tool for installing CWM from here. 

  3. Run the SP flash tool on your computer.

  4. In the menu of SP flash tool, go to options and confirm that USB mode is checked. Then select options and Download all and Speed and Force to high speed .

  5. Hit the Scatter loading button on SP flash tool and select the scatter file which is in extracted folder  A89CW.

  6. You could see that the SP flash tool has populated the map file and you need to un-check all the entries except recovery .

  7. Hit the recovery and select CWM Recovery 6 file.

  8. Now press the Download button on SP flash tool. You must need to ignore all the messages by clicking yes .

  9. Then you need to switch off your device and take out the battery and put back to the phone.

  10. Once again check all the above conditions. Confirm that all are done properly.

  11. Finally connect the phone via USB cable and hold the volume up button.

  12. After complete the process reboot your device to complete the entire operation.

Congratulations!!!You done it perfectly. Your Micromax Ninja A89 has been successfully rooted with Clockworkmod Recovery 6. Now enjoy the features of rooted device. Now you can easily upgrade to ICS or to Jelly Bean. For any other information visit techfocusmob. Thank you.

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hardik said...

Then how to upgrade to jelly bean

arshad on June 3, 2013 at 6:55 PM said...

download the corresponding jelly bean firmware file and install it...

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